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THE ROOT - vegan takeaway.

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Veganism is our passion which we want to share with others.

Environmental sustainability + reducing ecological footprint + cruelty free world

We strongly believe that our diet and what we eat doesn't have to bring harm to other beings. Balanced nutrition connected with compassion can gratify and assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The Root Takeaway Bar is a Vegan eatery which was created to spread the love of plant base diet. We are committed to bring you imaginative combination of textures and flavours, healthy and unique choice which can be enjoyed not only by Vegans. Our creative chef likes to mix and experiment with new flavours so that you will never get bored with what we have to offer. We are trying to harmoniously connect ingredients and add a little twist by putting some japanese spices to our dishes. On The Root’s menu you will be also able to find some authentic meals from the country of the rising sun.

We are committed to bring our customers the best of the vegan diet and are proud of our high level of customer service. Tell us what you like. We are always here for you.

To read more on Veganism check out our blog.

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